Where can you ship to?

We ship worldwide.

What is the turnaround time?

We aim to manufacture the cards within 15 working days. Delivery via DHL Express takes 1-2 days, via GlobalMail — 7-20 days, depending on the destination.

How do I contact you?

Via our contact form or drop us an email at shop@filmstripcreator.com

Is this really film you’re printing on?

Real Motion Picture Print Film. Promise.

How many strips can I make?

As many as your imagination can create but a minimum order is 100.

How many frames?

From a minimum of 4 frames to a maximum of 12, you have options. And if you’re looking for longer strips or adding variability, talk to us.

What are the sizes of these strips?

5 frames fit nicely in a standard business card holder. Size of a 4-frame card is 76x35mm, 5-frame card — 95x35mm

What are the exact dimensions of the image size?

Cards that include the soundtrack — 22x19mm; cards without the soundtrack — 25x19mm.

What can I print on these strips?

Images, logos, artwork, text — anything you want really, including a creative combination of these. Please note that film is a transparent medium, so white colour becomes transparent on film. When using layers, please ensure all information required is visible on the final image. Any information hidden within the layers will not be printed on the cards.

What is on the audio film strip?

The audio track used on our Film Strips is from the only known recording of George Eastman’s voice (Kodak’s founder) captured in 1930. The sound byte: “It’s a great satisfaction to be able to speak to you from the medium of this wonderful invention.” Credit: George Eastman Museum.

Is it possible to get the cards in 65mm/70mm?

65/70mm is on our horizon but will take us some time to get up and running.

Is it possible to print the cards in stills 135 format (36×24 mm)?

Our system prints frame by frame 4 perf motion picture format, we can almost eliminate the frame line between images, but at present cannot overlap images across frames.

Is it possible to get it also on a negative stock?

At the moment no, but we are looking at this option for the future.

Will X-rays affect my film cards?

No. Processed film is unaffected by X-rays.

How do I store my film cards?

Keep them out of direct sunlight, as this can fade the image, and avoid moisture — film does not like it.